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SSG promotes liberal democracy

by Kim Jayson Matthew A. Soriano

SSC-R Manila Supreme Student Government (SSG) conducted a symposium entitled “FLY-BUILD” or Filipino Liberal Youth – Basic Understanding and Introduction to Liberal Democracy at the Bulwagang Diego Cera Last August 12. The program aimed to be an avenue for the participants to understand the importance of liberal democracy and also to develop awareness and concern among them for the upcoming 2016 national election.

Mr. Joel de Guzman led the opening remarks by discussing the meaning of FLY-BUILD to the Filipino youth. He explained the significance of rebuilding the youth’s good governance, participatory citizenship, and nation-building for the development of the country. He also shared the main objective of FLY-BUILD, which is to create an avenue for liberal understanding that is easily accessible and understandable by many.

One of the keynote speakers, Mr. Leo Lim, imparted his knowledge about the registration system of the government. He explained clearly the process of registration and also introduced the new system of the government called “irehistro” which aims to make the voting system easy and simple through the use of the internet.

The last speaker, Mr. Mark Anthony Velasco, gave his own opinion about the ideal candidate that would lead the country to develop and progress in the future years. He gave some qualities that a good leader should possess that could help to elevate the status of the country. He also encouraged the youth to vote wisely and choose the right leader, noting that “one vote can change everything. It is in the youth’s hands to choose the right leader”.