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The Students-Administrators Dialogue for the Academic Year 2019-2020 was held at the
HRM Coffee Shop on February 12, 2020 at 2:00 in the afternoon. This perennial dialogue was
spearheaded by the Office of the Student Affairs (SAO), headed by Mr. Francis Ma. L. Competente,
in collaboration with the Supreme Student Government (SSG) of the College Department with the
purpose of listening to the students’ grievances and complaints as far as school administration is
concerned. Nevertheless, this activity, as stressed by Ms. Kathie Lee A. Berco, the incumbent SSG
President, is neither intended to put down or humiliate any administrator, religious or lay alike, nor to
destroy the integrity of a certain office but to talk thing out constructively by settling the differences
and addressing appropriately the pressing problems and concerns happening within San Sebastian
College – Recoletos, Manila, as an educational institution.

Participating in the Student-Admin dialogue were the following:

From the Religious Administrators:

1. Rev. Fr. Nemesio D. Tolentin, OAR, President
2. Rev. Fr. Ferdinand V. Fornilos, OAR, Vice President for Academic Affairs
3. Rev. Fr. Henry H. Santiago, OAR, Vice President for Finance and Vice President for Administration
4. Rev. Fr. Glynn C. Ortega, OAR, Vice President for Religious Affairs and Director, Athletics
5. Rev. Fr. Allan Rubett A. Cabatian, OAR, Director, Campus Ministry Office and School Chaplain

From the Lay Administrators:

1. Mr. Francis Ma. L. Competente, Head, Student Affairs Office (SAO)
2. Dr. Lolita A. De Guzman, Dean, College Department
3. Dr. Rodrigo F. Ponce, Jr., Director, Quality Assurance Office, Director, ETEEAP and Data Privacy Officer
4. Mrs. Sherlita C. Mendoza, Comptroller
5. Mrs. Linda R. Apa-ap, Head Library Systems
6. Mr. Noel A. Casumpang, Chief, Campus Safety & Security Office (CSSO)
7. Dr. Zaela Vanessa M. Mailom, Head, Health Services
8. Ms. Ma. Teresa E. Ronquillo, Head, Student Placement & Development Center (SDPC)
9. Mr. Jay A. Ramirez, Head, External Affairs Office (EAO)
10. Mr. Arnel V. Cruz, School Registrar
11. Mr. Marklee R. Dela Torre, EDP Officer, Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
12. Dr. Mario H. Maranan, Director, Research Center (RC)

From the Supreme Student Government Officers:
1. Kathie Lee Berco, President
2. Mickey Jose, Internal Vice President
3. Christian Almonte, External Vice President
4. Chris Guillang, Treasurer
5. Kyle Auxtero, Commissioner on Sebastinian Services
6. Michaela Tayag, Commissioner of Religious Culture
7. Cheska Caparas, Commissioner on Academics
8. Vern Christian Martinez, Commissioner on Sports

And representatives coming from the different Student Organizations:
1. Jose Michael Angelo, SHARMO
2. Perjean Sevillejo, SPS
3. Maria Crisanta Dino, SMC
4. Kate Lorraine Baccay, STO
5. Ben Briones, JFINEX
6. Marianne Nicole Bibal, JPIA
7. Jerwin Zaryll Isunza, SBMS
8. Milca Jahs Raymundo, ARC
9. Myra Joel Ruta, LMS
10. Odhilia Joy Bulaon, The Sebastinian
11. John Raphael Wong, READS

Among the notable concerns and remarkable issues that were given particular attention during the discussion were the following: a) on Security services; b) on Academic matters; c) on Athletics; d) on Health services issues, such as the prevalent Coronavirus disease 2019 (CoViD-19); e) on Accounting, specifically on matters of budget; f) on school facilities, particularly on maintenance & repairs; on students’ Recollection & Retreat; and g) on student’s handbook. The considerably serious dialogue was moderated by Ms. Kathie Berco, the SSG President, while Ms. Cheska Marie Caparas and Mr. Arone Matthew Sabado facilitated the four-hour program as emcees.

Fr. Tolentin, in his closing remarks emphasized that “the school is not simply an institution of educational learning but also a center of formation, a community for that matter, where everyone has the opportunity to grow and mature.” He likewise made some gentle appeal from everyone “to help one another in every endeavor that our school is undertaking instead of maliciously throwing some destructive criticism against any person in the community.” Considering the students as not mere clients nor stakeholders but partners, the Fr. President called for a collaborative partnership for the betterment of our beloved San Sebastian College – Recoletos, Manila. Fr. Tolentin concluded his talk quoting the very theme of the 79th Foundation Week Anniversary Celebration, we are “Journeying as One.” (JAR)