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San Sebastian College – Recoletos Manila security personnel undergo special training on Campus Security Management Course and Customer Relation Orientation Seminars at least once a year. A perimeter guard is also deployed to monitor and secure the students, employees, and other people within the vicinity of SSC-R from unwanted and unlawful elements. With the aid of the new electronic ID system our security gate control have improved a lot. The following deployments of our security personnel are as follows:

Security and Safety Services

Emergency Assistance

The Campus Security and Safety Office organized two main active organizations for the safety of our Sebastinian Community:
  • The SEBASTINIAN EMERGENCY CONTROL TEAM or SECT which is composed of Employees and Student Volunteers, who are ready to assist and ready for deployment in case of emergency.
  • THE TASK FORCE SAN SEBASTIAN which is composed of Brgy. Tanods from the neighboring six barangays monitor and assist students outside the school campus as they come to school and go home from school.


The Campus Security and Safety Office closely coordinate with the PNP, BFP and other Government and Non-Government Organizations such as:
  • The Metro Manila Association of School Security Organizations or MASSO & PHILNASSO
  • The Campus Security Managers Association of the Philippines or CSMAP

Information and Awareness

The Campus Security and Safety Office — in cooperation with the PNP, BFP, MASSO and CSMAP — is conducting the following programs for students and employees:
  • Campus Emergency Management Seminar
  • Crime Prevention Seminar
  • Anti – Drug Prevention Seminar
  • Fire and Earthquake Drills
  • Evacuation Drill