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College of Accountancy, Business Administration and Computer Studies


The College of Accountancy, Business Administration and Computer Studies is a community of academically and technically competent educators who are committed to the pursuit of excellence in its Business Education Programs – Accountancy, Business Administration, Legal Management and Computer Studies.

The program aims to form business students into Sebastinian graduates who are imbued with Augustininan Recollect values and who are provided with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for the practice of their profession.

It courses emphasize a curriculum geared towards the attainment of professional excellence with emphasis on practicum and on-the-job training programs that link the students to various business institutions here and abroad.

To make the programs more competitive and responsive to the needs of local and global communities, the Department vows to

  • maintain a roster of professionally excellent and morally upright faculty members who share the school’s vision-mission and are committed to its achievement;
  • empower its faculty members with continuing education programs and faculty development;
  • promote linkages and affiliations with other schools, professional organizations and industry.