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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Business Management


The programs of the College are accredited by Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities, a third party accrediting bodies that measures the quality not only of the Instruction and Faculty but also includes other areas of concern such as Facilities, Laboratories, Student Services, Community Involvement and Administration. Graduates from an accredited programs and/or institutions indicates that they are expected to be ready to practice at a certain level. The Business Administration programs enjoys a Level 3 status while the Accountancy program enjoys a Candidate status.

Program Learning Outcomes

The program in Business Management aims to:

  • Perform the basic functions of management such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling;
  • Apply the basic concepts that underlie each of the functional areas of business (marketing, finance, human resource management, production and operations management and strategic management) and employ these concepts in various business situations;
  • Apply critical thinking skills by solving problems requiring quantitative and/or qualitative analysis;
  • Develop the ability to access, retrieve and disseminate information with technology; 
  • Work effectively with other stakeholders and manage conflict in the workplace;
  • Develop abilities of using theories, concepts and frameworks in real life situations;
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities, civic mindedness and responsible citizenship, and
  • Exercise high personal moral and ethics in making sound decision.