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GS Department leads National Achievement Test

by Marienne Galima

Based on the results of the National Achievement Test for Grade Six for SY 2014-2015, the Grade School (GS) department ranked first among 101 private schools in the Division of Manila. The department got 71.80 Mean Percentage Score (MPS) in both division and cluster level that made them rank first in both levels.

The National Achievement Test (NAT) is a Philippine-made standardized test designed to determine student’s achievement level, strengths and weaknesses in five key curricular subject areas at the end of the school year. It is a multiple-choice type of test and a standardized test with mostly moderately difficult items. The test results in NAT-Grade Six can likewise serve as measurement of incoming first year students’ readiness for high school.
According to Mrs. Anita A. Servando, Coordinator for Academics of GS Department, their teachers and staff were very dedicated and committed to their tasks, they go extra miles. “We lessened our activities to focus on the exam and conducted Saturday review classes and after-class reviews. We posted the mock test results for immediate feedback to the pupils and teachers. This motivated them to perform better in the actual examination,” Ms. Servando added.

They ranked seventh in the previous school year 2013-2014 that made them motivated to be ranked first in this year’s National Achievement Test.