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University of Saint Joseph Macao Vice Rector Visits SSC-R Manila to affirm their Internalization Collaboration Commitment with Baste

As SSC-R Manila continues to expand its global footprint, the Office of the Vice President for Academics and Research and External Affairs Office hosted the official visit of Dr. Alvaro Barbosa, Vice Rector for Internationalization and Academic Affairs of University of Saint Joseph Macao (USJ) yesterday, May 14, 2024. During the program held at Fr. Domingo Carceller, OAR Little Theater, Dr. Barbosa delivered a presentation about USJ’s academic programs, scholarship opportunities and the key areas for collaboration being explored with SSC-R Manila.

In the coming years, SSC-R Manila aims to bolster its internationalization efforts in research, cultural and academic exchanges of faculty members, students and academic and administrative personnel, joint supervision of thesis from Master’s and PhD programs, establishment of double degrees, participation in seminars, workshops, conferences and academic meetings with USJ and other neighboring HEIs in the region. The college program chairs and students from different degree programs such as communication, business, tourism and hospitality attended the event.

According to CHED Memorandum Order No. 55 released in 2016, Internationalization has increasingly become a key feature of higher education in global era, in the light of the freer flow of students and workers within and across regional economies and the necessity of international linkages in the generation of productive knowledge, innovation and technology. During his presentation, Dr. Barbosa highlighted that students nowadays do not go to school to simply listen to classroom lectures. With the advent of online and virtual learning platforms, students tend to look for opportunities where they can be meaningly immersed in communities and be exposed to different cultures and traditions.

The University of Saint Joseph (Macao) is a Catholic university of China, rooted in a long tradition of
intercultural exchange that has been the hallmark of Catholic higher education in Macao since the College of Saint Paul, founded in 1594. The university offers a wide range of programs across different fields of knowledge. All of their programs have been approved by the Macao SAR Government.