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College of Arts and Sciences


It was in 1953 when the Institute of Liberal Arts was established with a two year program leading to an Associate in Arts and Sciences degree. In 1965 – 1966 the Elementary/ College building (now known as the St. Monica building) was constructed. This building housed the Institute of Arts and Sciences, the Institute of Commerce, the Office of the Vice President, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, the Supreme Student Government office, the Little Theater, the Languages and Speech laboratory, the Mass Communication laboratory/studio, and an Executive function room. 

One side of the building housed the Elementary Department. The ground floor of the building housed the college bookstore and several cafeteria concessionaires.

The whole collegiate level was made co-educational in 1973. The Institute of Arts and Sciences then offers the following programs: BS Hotel and Restaurant Management, AB Mass Communication, AB Political Science, BS Tourism, and BS Psychology. The college has a Mass Communication laboratory/studio, mini hotel rooms, and functional laboratories. It was in the late 1990s when the title Institute of Arts and Sciences was changed to College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). 

At present, the College of Arts and Sciences offers the following programs: BA Broadcasting, BA Communication, BA Journalism, AB Political Science, and BS Psychology. It boasts of well equipped laboratories for all its course offerings.